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Our Courses ranges from normal curriculum courses to multiple short courses that will help you develop a skill enough to pursue your own freelance career.

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The types of courses offered by us

Skill development courses

Gain in-demand skills for freelancing success. From digital marketing to graphic design, our courses launch your freelance career. Start today!

SAT Courses

Master the SAT with our comprehensive courses. Boost your scores, gain admission to top universities, and unlock a bright future. Enroll now for SAT success.

O & A level courses

Our courses empower O & A Level students to excel. From Math to business Literature, gain the knowledge and skills for academic success. Enroll now!

English proficiency Courses

Master IELTS, PTE, TOEFL with us. Achieve fluency, excel globally. Enroll now and unlock your language potential.

Mdcat & Ecat Courses

Ace your exams with our MDCAT & ECAT prep. Get into top medical/engineering colleges. Enroll now and ignite your path to success.

Matric & Fsc Courses

Ignite academic success with our Matric and FSc courses. Unlock your potential and excel in your exams. Enroll now for a transformative learning experience.


We are experienced at we do and so are our instructors. Now learn from Pakistani Industry leaders and know the key behind their success and how they are earning thousands of dollars working locally.


Learning that occurs outside the traditional classroom setting, often through experiences, interactions, and self-directed study. Informal education can be just as valuable as formal education in shaping an individual’s understanding of the world.


Every course comes with professional certification that  could help you strengthen your portfolio and resume to prepare you for further employment. 

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Why Choose Us?

At Edustream, we are committed to empowering your learning journey. Whether you’re seeking career advancement, personal growth, or new skills, our platform offers a world of possibilities. With industry-recognized certifications, top-quality courses, experiential learning, and flexible study options, we provide the tools you need to succeed. Join us today and unlock your true potential with Edustream .

Unparalleled Course Selection

Explore a diverse array of courses curated by experts, catering to various interests and industries. Whether for personal growth or professional development, our top-quality content ensures a rewarding learning experience.

Learn Online at Your Own Pace

Take control of your learning journey with our on-demand courses. Study at your own pace and access our platform from anywhere, fitting education seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Professional Certification

Edustream offers certification courses that provide industry-recognized credentials. Enhance your resume and stand out to employers with our reputable certifications, validating your expertise and boosting your career prospects.

Experiential Learning with Real-World Applications

Gain practical skills through hands-on experiences, interactive projects, and real-world simulations. Our experiential approach equips you with knowledge that can be directly applied in your field.

Looking for one to one tuition for your upcoming exam?

Contact us today to explore more about our virtual tuitions or get access to our advance integrated LMS by enrolling today.


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23 Ratings

I never thought online learning could be so enriching until I joined Edustream Academy. The certification I earned from their course not only boosted my resume but also helped me land my dream job. The flexibility of studying at my own pace while balancing work and family was a game-changer. Thank you, Edustream, for empowering me with valuable skills!

Sarah from Lahore, Pakistan

Edustream Academy offers an amazing selection of courses. I took their web development course, and it was an eye-opener. The hands-on projects allowed me to apply my learning in real scenarios, and the instructors were always ready to assist. Now, I run my web development business successfully, and I owe it all to Edustream. Highly recommended!

Ahmed from Karachi, Pakistan

Being a lifelong learner, I've explored various online platforms, but Edustream stands out for its engaging content and supportive community. The certification I earned in digital marketing not only helped me in my current job but also boosted my confidence to start freelancing. The community interactions allowed me to network with professionals globally. Thank you,

Ayesha from Islamabad, Pakistan

Edustream Academy is a game-changer in the world of online education. I needed to upgrade my skills in data analysis, and their course exceeded my expectations. The curriculum was comprehensive, and the real-world projects challenged me to think critically. Edustream's dedication to providing quality education is commendable.

Bilal from Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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